Monday, August 10, 2009

Machine Gun Rules

To determine the effect of machine gun fire, the shooter measures the range of the gun to the target. Belt fed machine guns fire their rounds in a pattern shaped like a leaf. The points of the leaf can be placed end to end or the leaves can be placed side to side. Any figure whose head fits under the leaf template may be a causality. Roll the to hit die for each potential target figure.

The modern machine gun with a tripod and a crew of three has the ability to fire at extended ranges and even to fire indirect fire. It gets three damage leaves.

With a crew of two and a bipod the machine gun gets to fire at long range and gets two leaves.

With a crew of one, a machine gun carried by a gunner can fire at short range and gets one leaf.

By making the number of leaves dependant on the number of crewmen, the wargamer is encouraged to have the larger crew and suffers when his crews receive casualties.

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