Sunday, August 2, 2009


These are the old Arii figures with new Odemars heads and a new Evergreen base in the case of the first one.

These are the Imex Union horse troops after their being drafted into the German Army.

The Germans used hundreds of thousands of horses in WWII. Some got sick, hurt, wounded and required veterinary care. They would make slings and special stalls for them so they could stay off their feet while they healed.

This special stall is made of old sprue. When I get long straight pieces of sprue I keep them in my spares box. Then when I have a special project that requires straight round rods of plastic, they are ready.

I used a bit of Kleenex tissue to make the sling. Drench it in superglue to stiffen the Kleenex and then it will glue to the styrene plastic sprue with regular model glue. I put a tiny drop of model glue on each horse hoof to strengthen the piece. This will serve with one of my WWII German Veterinary Units.

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