Friday, August 28, 2009


The investigation of the dead man will be conducted by many people. The Lady Scientist, the Cowboy, the Nurse, the CID men, and the solders. All will have a part in this mystery.

Three CID men are checking the scene. They don't get many murders on the mostly crime free military bases. Sure the occasional drunken solder, or maybe some petty theft, or even an AWOL once in a while. Most of them come back in a few days. But not many murders.

This is a big event. The base television station is even on site to record the events. Naturally they will have to be heavily edited to protect operational secrets and the privacy of the dead soldier.

The medics are here to collect the body.

Three doctors are here, they will conduct a preliminary examination of the body here in the field to get important evidence into the hands of the investigators as soon as possible.

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