Saturday, August 15, 2009

Astro-Ranger Program

The Atomic Testing Base has to be a high security facility. The nature of Atomic Weapons is so secret that they have to keep the place under lock down much of the time. Guards everywhere, limited access, strict controls on entry and exit.

The new US Army Astro-Ranger program is making use of this highly secret facility.

While technically a US Army program, members of the other services participate, as this photo of both a Soldier and a Sailor demonstrates.

The program is so secret, FBI agents are assigned to operate out of the base and provide counter-intelligence against the ever present Red Menace.

Were this photo alone to fall into the hands of enemy Red Agents, the entire project could be at risk. These scientists, technicians and soldiers are inspecting a 1/12th scale model of the first proposed rocket. The plan is to use rockets like this to transport Soldiers to space and gain the ultimate High Ground advantage. A US Army missile base on the Moon would allow America the ability to defeat any potential enemy of freedom.

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