Friday, August 14, 2009


These are the five options for machine gun templates that we use. They can actually be pared down to two, the two three-leaf ones can be done in clear plastic with the outline of a single or double leaf drawn on them. Then you can use the one three-leaf template as a stand in for all three. I like this myself.

Compared to a few troops, a few machine guns really cover a lot of ground. As troops advance against emplaced machine guns the attacker would be at a great disadvantage. The Somme would be a good real life example of this principle.

Five WWII Revell Russian Infantrymen on a single template. Troops packed close together can really be devastated by automatic weapons fire. I use the single template for all magazine fed automatic weapons, BAR, Bren, Thompson, etc.

A single tripod mounted machine gun takes out a whole Russian squad in one burst. Attacking across open ground against even a single machine gun is a very poor tactic.

At least spread out your troops so they take fewer casualties. I try and write my rules so that the tactics that work on the real battlefield will work on the play battlefield.

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