Thursday, August 27, 2009

Space Age Gear

Several members of the US Army Astro-Rangers are in attendance. These elite troops are training for the High Frontier of Combat.

Scientists, medical men, and the FBI are all here. Now that the missing man has been recovered their task is now one of apprehending the vile criminal who is responsible for this outrageous murder.

The US Army Astro-Rangers will bring their Space Age skills to solve a problem as old as man. How to find a murderer.

This new ground surveillance radar system is being used to look into the forest and search for a hiding criminal. They do detect movement near the edge of the woods. They are adjusting their gear to determine the nature of this motion. It is this type of high technology apparatus that will win the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Even the Infantry is bringing their newest weapons here. This XM-60 Machine Gun is the latest thing in man portable fire power.

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