Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Caesar Miniatures Germans stand at attention with these new Martians from Twilight Creations.

The new Twilight Creations Martians game includes 100 Martian figures. They are similar in appearance to those from the movie Mars Attacks.

There are three poses of Martians, each is armed with a slightly different weapon. They are flash free, and are not on the sprue.

The figures are molded in this light green soft plastic. At this time they are only sold in the Martians boxed game. I would assume that at some point in the future they will be sold separately, like their Zombie figures.

These little green men fit very well with the 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures. They are very nice figures and I am hoping to get more once they are sold as a stand alone product. $29.00 for the boxed set.


Karcuss said...

Hey Bunkermeister

Are these Aliens going to be boxed at $29 (U.S). Just making sure so am thinking of a possibility with all those Pegasus war of the worlds etc.
Keep up the good work


Bunkermeister said...

Hi Carcuss, yes, they are $29 for 100 Martians, 6 humans, and the rest of the Twilight Creations card game. In the past Twilight Creations has eventually released their figures in a bag of 100 for only $10. So, if you wait, they may have them for much less, eventually.

Karcuss said...

that is what i was asking
I will be looking for a bag at $10
(and a possibility of ???) don't feel interested in another game and rules. No offence to anyone but i have to draw the line somewhere


Bunkermeister said...

I agree, I am going to jettison the rules, I just could not wait months or years before they release the Martians in a bag.