Friday, August 7, 2009

New 1/72nd Scale Company

Ykreol is born!

After some months of reorganization, this French company is open! They will issue the best sets of Odemars and their own sets too. The second set of Haunebu will arrive soon. The website is in French but will translate well with Babelfish. This is my translation of their first page.

"On this site you will be able to discover our range of plastic figurines to the 1/72. Various times will be treated and we work to give pleasure to everyone. Thanks to these figurines you will be able to reproduce scenes of historical battles or simply to make small scenes. On the "Painting " section you will be able to see the details for each painted figurine and that will give you an idea of the product which you will have soon between your hands. We wish you a pleasant moment on our site. My passion of the plastic figurines in 1/72 is yours! Yves."

These are there two first offerings:

YK01 - Infanterie française de ligne 1815

YK02 - Grenadiers français de l' Empire


Jim. said...

Why Creole?

Bunkermeister said...

Airfix was already taken?