Sunday, August 9, 2009

Epoxy Quik-Cure 5 Minute Glue

Bob Smith Industries, Atascadero, CA distributes a very nice epoxy glue. I use it all the time for large resin parts and certainly for white metal parts.

Their website, can be used to contact them and find out more about their extensive lines of glues.

Epoxy is easy to use. I take a small square of heavy duty aluminum foil and put a small quantity of each of the two parts onto the foil.

I use a toothpick to mix the two part together. I get the extra long pointy ones as they are easier to work with than regular ones. The pointy end allows me to place a tiny amount of glue on the model in a precise location.

Once I am done, I can wrap it up and toss it out. A drop of superglue can hold the part in place until the epoxy can be applied. The epoxy comes in several versions, I like the five minute for model use, but they have 15 and 60 minutes versions too. Longer dry times allow for more working time with the glue. I often leave it for a couple minutes so that the glue will grab sooner after it is applied to the model parts. The glue dries pretty hard and clear. It can be sanded or painted easily. I use it a lot.

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