Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alert the Quick Reaction Force

The men intent on their rocket preparation don't see a dark shape slip back into the woods. The freedom of America may depend on their work, you can't blame them for being intent on doing a good job.

On of the soldier / technicians turns to speak to the guard and he is not there. The soldier calls the name of the guard and the others recognize the sound of alarm in his voice. Has the Red Menace claimed the life of another guardian of freedom?

Another soldier comes over to help investigate. The guard is gone, but there is a small amount of blood on the ground where he was standing. No one heard a thing.

The radioman calls for more soldiers to both help in the search and to secure the scene. The Quick Reaction Force is put on alert to respond.

The soldier hears some rustling in the brush, but sees nothing but a quick glimpse of a dark shape. No one response to his hail. The Atomic Testing Base is supposed to be a secure site, but today, no one is feeling secure.

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