Sunday, August 23, 2009

Missing Man, Found Radio

A soldier is missing from the Atomic Testing Base. The troops have been sent to the location where the missing man was last seen.

While the missing man was Army, even men from the Navy have volunteered to help. Inter-service rivalry is put aside in times of danger.

The troops set up a perimeter and work outwards, looking for any sign that may tell them what happened to the missing man.

The CID man inspects the location of the destroyed radio. This is the new radio that will be used by the US Army Astro-Ranger Force. This potential security breach is was a major concern, along with the loss of the man. At least they know he did not run off to the Soviet Embassy with it.

Anytime a man goes missing you have to look at all the potential scenarios. Did he have an accident? Was he murdered? Did he run off with a woman? If he had access to classified documents or materials, did he run off with enemy agents, or was he killed by them? At least we know that this missing man did not take the secret radio with him.

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