Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yet More MG

1/72nd scale soft plastic WWII Russian Infantry from Revell. The three leaf machine gun template is being placed over them to determine how many may have been hit by machine gun fire.

These Russians are pretty well spread out, but even so three of them are subject to MG fire. The attacker will roll the dice for each potential Russian causality and everyone who is hit will be removed from play.

The side by side three leaf template in play. Just because soldiers are in the beaten zone does not mean they will be hit. So we simulate that by rolling the dice for each soldier in the beaten zone.

These figures are grouped close together so there are many of them in danger of being hit. This machine gun rule forces players to spread out their infantry or risk a catastrophic hit from a machine gun.

The individual leaf template can take out three troops if they are placed too close together. One of the many reasons I seldom base my figures in groups.

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