Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Shape Near The Plants

The men are preparing a missile to launch. It won't launch but the practice is needed so when the time comes to really launch, they can do a perfect job of preparation.

What is that in the background, to the left?

A few soldiers are on guard, against the ever present Red Menace. One man is in the back, making sure there is no one entering the restricted area from the woods.
What is the movement in the back?

Radio communication is key. In the event of an emergency, the ability to call for help is critical. They also must liaison with radar and air traffic control in the event of a real launch to insure the missile does not collide with friendly aircraft.
What is the dark brown shape that begins to move from the foliage?

The US Army Astro-Ranger is on hand to observe. It is important that the men can service the equipment, in space you can't call for a repairman.
Could that shape take the form of a large animal?

Intent on their work the troops and scientist hear nothing as the shape moves near the plant life.

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