Saturday, August 21, 2010

More GWB

This is a pretty good rear view of the Thompson gunner. Note the combination of GI and German kit on his back. The Thompson was well respected by the Germans.

This Imex WWII German officer in 1/72nd scale plastic has been altered to be an American serving in the Waffen SS in the George Washington Brigade. I only did a small number of these guys but I figured they were intended to be more of a cadre than a typical squad and so included an officer.

The original figure is kneeling and firing a pistol. I cut off some of his German kit and replaced it with an American pack.

His firing arm was removed and I gave him a walkie talkie radio instead. This way the other radio guy has someone to talk to! I also added an American rifle to his left hand.

This one was very difficult. The standing German rifleman on the right, firing the rifle was altered to take the pistol from the American paratrooper in the center. A rather tricky conversion but it turned out well. I wanted these guys to use a good cross section of American weapons, yet retain their overall German appearance.

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