Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bf 109

These two guys look more like NSTB investigators at the scene of a plane crash than actual workers helping put these planes together.

Each little stack of bits is one plane model, removed from the sprue and the flash and tabs trimmed. Then the bits are glued into sub assemblies. You can see the propeller and spinner assembly has been done and the cockpits are being worked on. The bits are moved into the center work area as each section is completed.

Here you can see larger bits, the wings are done and the fuselages are being readied for assembly.

Here are four completed planes undergoing final inspection prior to their factory test flight.

Paints in the background are for the pilots and the cockpits. Aircraft exteriors and decals come later. I like to paint in large masses so that units have more integrity of color and batch and markings can be consistent.


Bob G. said...


NTSB investigators...LOL!

I do like your assembly line approach.

Wonder who is the lucky person "signing off" on the pre-test flight aircraft?

Those kits look like they build up nice...not much filler needed?
(always love to NOT use filler)

Carry On.

Bunkermeister said...

They are great kits, they fit together very well.