Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WWII French

Recently I visited Larry at Pegasus Hobbies in Montclair. He gave me a couple sprue of his new World War One and World War Two French figures. These are test sprues but are essentially done. They color will probably be darker than this color.

Most of the figures are two parts, a body and an arm with a weapon. There are also some that have a separate head or other separate part.

These sets are very nicely detailed. The WWI set will also work for WWII.

WWII weapons sprue. Mostly rifles, naturally, but also a machine gun.

These are flash free, and fit together easily. Thanks Larry for giving me these so I can post the photos here. Click on the photos to enlarge.


ModernKiwi said...

Most excellent! I take it this means we're close to production? I don't suppose you have any shots of them next to Caesar's French for a size comparison?


Bunkermeister said...

Yes, Modern, production is very close. Larry needs to make the box art, print the boxes, and then mold, package and ship them. Figure a month each task.

He showed me test shots of his next Soviet WWII sets too. They need a bit of work, but will be good.

Bob G. said...


Don't you think there should have been a few more figures SURRENDERING?


J/K..the figure look great, seriously.
Love the weapons sprue!

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

The weapons are very well done. The LMGs and MGs are especially nice.