Friday, August 20, 2010

More for GW

Imex WWII 1/72nd scale Germans converted to George Washington Brigade American ex-patriots who joined the German Waffen SS. This German bazooka soldier has been given a US bazooka, and an M-1 rifle too.

I also replaced the head from the German with an Imex Easy Company US Army paratrooper soldier and the rifle from the same source.

Here the panzerfaust soldier has been given a Valiant US Army pack and a US rifle.

A bit hard to see, but the US Army paratrooper in dark green if firing a Tommy gun. His arm, gun and left hand have been transferred to the German soldier, to give the German a Thompson. He also sports a back pack from Valiant.

Another view of the Thompson conversion. Try clicking on the picture for the larger version and a better view. Just as Russians who came over to the Germans often wore Russian uniforms and carried Russian equipment with a mixture of German gear, these Americans are carrying and wearing a mixture of German and American gear and weapons.


Bob G. said...

Never thought about "kit-bashing" soldiers, and certainly NOT at such a small scale...

But you've done some REALLY fine work here.
The figures look "stock" out of the box.

Very good.
They should paint up well.

Carry on.

ccm2361 said...

Nice work

Never thought of doing that with 1/72 plastics

Bunkermeister said...

If you check out some of the earlier posts on the blog you will find more figure conversions. The new glue able plastic makes them very easy.

Glad you folks like the work.

Bunkermeister said...

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