Thursday, August 12, 2010

PHM Light Trucks

As part of my closet cleaning I came across a few more Paul Heiser Models.

These are some more HO 1/87th scale resin WWII German light trucks.

This one has a radio in the back. Germans had rather large radios in WWII.

They used a bewildering variety of trucks and cars. Both civilian and pre-war vehicles and even foreign vehicles were used by them.

A little convoy lined up for primer painting. I usually use Testors spray gray primer on resin.


Chris Klimek said...

Do you remember what Heiser model number the one with the radio in the back is? I haven't seen that one before.


Mike Creek said...

Check the Fidelis Models website, he has a good list of such things. I have no idea what the number is, sorry.

Chris Klimek said...

Thanks anyway.

Unfortunately Fidelis doesn't have many Heiser kits lately, and no German soft skins.

I suspect most are out of production by this point. It's a shame, they were nice. There getting harder and harder to find.

Mike Creek said...

Chris Klimek, would you like to know a secret? I have know Paul Heiser and Randy from Fidelis since the 1980's. I have been to their homes and they have been to mine. Randy was best man at my wedding. Paul makes models mostly for Walthers model RR distributor and for Fidelis. Those are your two main sources to get them. Paul is semi-retired and does PHM as his hobby business. He casts kits when he feels like it and makes masters when he wants to make them.

His line is so huge he can't keep it all in production at any one time. He does rotate through the molds, but it can be years in between. If you see a PHM you want, buy it right then, they are always in short supply. Fidelis gets PHM every month or two, but never very many and the sell almost immediately. So you have to check the Fidelis website at least weekly.
Good hunting.