Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FFL & Skull Island

The legendary mountain of the skulls. The French Foreign Legion was often at the forefront of exploration of French colonial territories.

A small team of FFL went in search of this legendary mountain and found it on this small tropical island in one of the French possessions in the South Seas.

The French Frigate Le Venture debarks two squads who go ashore to check out the Skull Mountain.

Two of the most adventurous of the men actually scale the fearsome mountain.

They gain a better view of the surroundings and more importantly, they plant the flag of France on the mountain.
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Ubique said...

That mountain is a great find and very well painted. I was secretly hoping those Frenchies were going to get attacked by King Kong!


Bunkermeister said...

Welcome Matt! They may yet met an adversary worthy of the FFL!