Friday, August 13, 2010

Arlin Tawzer Sez:

A special message from a special guest star. Arlin Tawzer has a 1/72nd scale figure collection to rival my own. He also is a fantastic converter of plastic figures. His words follow:

So, I pour out my Imex Korean War Chinese Infantry to set 'em up and look 'em over again, I see my heavy weapons conversions. I forgot all about having done them! It was kind of cool. It was like seeing brand new figures. First and foremost, you gotta have armor. So in pic V10_0390 there are the Imex CCF streaming across the Yalu behind an Airfix polythene T-34/85. Then there is the Soviet artillery from LW (the CCF used a lot of ex-WWII Soviet stuff) in pic V10_0393 being manned by Imex CCF with a bunch of HaT WWI arty arms and shells. I like that glueable soft plastic. And since we are raiding WWII Soviet weapons, next we have a CCF mortar crew, V10_0396, with an Airfix soft plastic mortar, and arms courtesy of Pegusus WWII German mortar set.

Finally we have a CCF behind an ESCI Russian Machine gun. And the bonus is, they are all kind of the same color. Just like all those Marx playsets of old, where the Germans and their arty and armor were all grey, and the Americans and all their stuff was all green.

Thanks Arlin for the great model figures and equipment!


Bob G. said...

I've never seen ANY of these pieces...nice stuff.
Thanks, Arlin.

Bunkermeister said...

Arlin does good work. This is a tiny sample.

ccm2361 said...


nice figs!

Bunkermeister said...

I am sure Arlin will appreciate these remarks.