Tuesday, August 17, 2010


More of the Ykreol Winter Germans. This figure, in 1/72nd scale soft plastic, has a belt of machine gun ammo. A perfect companion to any German crew served MG.

This figure lays in wait with a knife. He can sneak up on Russians or ambush the point man of a patrol.

This figure has a land mine. He can be planting it or removing it, so he works well as an engineer in offense or defense.

This man has a rifle. He can serve a crew served weapon, mortar, or machine gun or stand alone. If prone guys can stand.

This figure has an ammo box. It can be for a machine gun or just resupply for the infantry. Ykreol makes a line of 1/72nd scale figures, WWII, WWI and others in prone poses. Check out their website.

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