Thursday, August 19, 2010

Geo. Washington Brigade

The Second World War in Europe started in September, 1939, but the war did not start for the United States until two years later. Some unknown number of American citizens went to Germany during that time and eventually ended up in the German Army and Waffen SS. I know of about a dozen Americans who sometime between 1939 and 1945 served for the Germans in WWII. There has long been a rumor that the Germans planned to group American POWs into a Waffen SS unit, the George Washington Brigade, and set them against the Russians.

Sine I try only to have a mild plausibility to make my wargame units, I determined that my Battle for Berlin had to include at least a squad of "American" troops who were serving in the war on Communism. To this end, I took some the very nice Imex glueable plastic WWII German figures and some bits from the rather large Valiant miniatures WWII US figures. Since German national units often used some of the equipment from their home nation.

This figure has an ammo box and bolt action German rifle. I added an American back pack and shovel after removing his German kit.

This 1/72nd scale plastic figure is pulling the fuse on a grenade. He too gets an American back pack and shovel.

These are not twinkle toe dancers, they are prone guys. I added a Thompson submachine gun. The Germans could have gotten them from the US, British, French, and Russians.

I gave this radioman a few American bits of gear on his belt. My intent is to eventually paint these guys, but I can't decide if they should be field gray or green!

I gave this guy a carbine and backpack. More tomorrow.


Karcuss said...

did you grab more of the Valiant figures, have my give away sprue all painted but not built.
and wish to get more of the Germans and British.

also Ceaser are doing vechiles now as in 1/72 kits mostly HT
Henke of Holland site and there is a company called Plastic Soldier
don't worry as you are at Plastic soldier Review also so...

You might be surprised how many went back in the call back.
and it's not platoon sized keep going up. There is not much said but will start to come up soon in Documentation.


Bunkermeister said...

Hi Karcuss, I only got the "free" sprue and only kept a few bits. I gave the rest away, the Valiant figures were too big for my taste.

I got some of the new Caesar US Army 2 recently, posts soon.

Karcuss said...

fair enough on valiant
so staying down on 1/87 for vechiles
and the (?1/72 so as 20mm)
to match, or you doing much in 1/72
that is a vechile related question.

And will be worth your view on GIs mk.II. Ha Ha, i'll be one who cares
and see the interior of the U-boat, your doing.

I was also reading up on the Sd.kfz 252 and 253 finding out that at least the observation one with the hatch ended up being redone (after all the problems they had )and into the 250 series, but still around in '42. But the 250s was doing all the jobs intended for the 253!
sort of a follow up on your newer resin German stuff

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Hello Karcuss, I do 1/72nd scale for figures, ships and aircraft. I generally do 1/87th scale for vehicles that are not horse drawn.