Friday, August 6, 2010


I have posted photos of this little truck before. It is the Titanium series from the movie Indiana Jones.

It is essentially the same as the Roco / Herpa Henschel truck in HO 1/87th scale.

I repainted this one into primer gray.

Seen here with a Paul Heiser Models halftrack this is a nice little truck.


Bob G. said...

BUnkermeister: had me going.
I was looking at the first opicture and thought "you paint it in desert colors, and you could do an Indiana Jones diorama".

Didn't know they MADE those...amazing.

Now, tell me they have an HO scale figure set from the movie...!

(and I'll be SO "there")

Bunkermeister said...

They make one figure of Indiana Jones being dragged behind the truck on a string. Limited wargame utility for that pose. This is my second posting on this truck model. Check way back at least a year and you will find photos of the figure.

No HO Indiana Jones figures that I know of, but I suspect some of the Prieser figures would work.