Thursday, August 5, 2010


Photos look a bit blue due to the fact that everything is painted grey and the lighting is late in the day. These are pallets of supplies that I set up to carry on the decks of the side wheel steamer.

They are also ready to be loaded into trucks. The pallets are the same size are German trucks.

Some Paul Heiser Models trucks and halftracks and other bits.

Halftracks and other PHM models in HO 1/87th scale.

All the supplies that cut off military units might need. Fuel and lubricants, spare tires, ammo, and commo wire. A pile of backpacks and loads of Gerry cans. All kinds of good stuff.


GReg said...

Were can I purchase the supply loads?


Achtung Jagdpanther! said...

Looks like really great logistics...

Bunkermeister said...

Welcome GReg.

Similar items can be purchased from Fidelis Models and Paul Heiser Models.

These were all home made.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Achtung Jagdpanther!

Logistics is often overlooked in wargaming but at the very least it gives objectives and looks cool on the board.

Achtung Jagdpanther! said...

Hi Bunkermeister,

I totally agree. I hate it when collecting models you limit only on front line units. Trucks and logistic units always interfer in large scale advances...
Remember the Patton, Arnheim Bridge and Kelly's Heroes movies catching the atmosphere of how it really must have looked like.

Thus I especially liked your blog entries concerning economic alternatives toy trucks for the Roco trucks. But sometimes they are really hard to find.

Keep up the great work and entries, Bunkermeister!

Bunkermeister said...

Hard to find is true. I try and keep my eyes open all the time looking for such items. Thanks for reading, tell all your friends.