Monday, August 9, 2010

Skull Island

While taking the dog to the groomer I visited my local Petsmart store and found this little gem.

It is a resin ornament for fish tanks. It was about ten dollars.

This very washed out photo was so cool I just had to post it too. It was a very hot, bright, sunny day when I took this photo. I like it. This could pass for a hand drawn image of what an adventure team might have to look for when they go searching for Skull Island and King Kong.

The real item on display in my back yard. It makes a very good ancient artifact.

The bottom is a sort of cave for the fish to swim into and out of, it goes all the way through the "mountain." Not a bad find for ten bucks. They have a couple other versions, check them out on line.


Peeler said...

That's a right good buy!

Bunkermeister said...

Hi Peeler, thanks for reading and tell all your friends!

Yes, hobby items can be found in odd places if you keep your eyes open!