Sunday, August 29, 2010

Romanian Embassy

As part of my Battle of Berlin project I am building various embassy staff. This is the staff for Romania. The Romanians switched sides to the Russians as the Communists were overrunning the country. There were some Romanians who stayed loyal to the Germans, mostly Romanian Iron Guard members.

I took some Vlad Tepes figures from Lucky Toys and cut off their headwear to give traditional headgear to the more modern figures.

Some of these are the Caesar Miniatures Partisans in Europe set.

These are Prieser and Dapol figures that I have modified with traditional headwear.

The team includes a few women as secretaries and office staff. It is fun to resort figure sets and with a few head swaps and changes to the bases makes the figures part of a more cohesive set.


Anonymous said...

Boy, I sure hope those were not meant to be historically accurate, since you've certainly managed to unearth every conceivable stereotype about my country while simultaneously getting nothing right whatsoever.

Romanians as vampires? Check.

Romanians for some reason wearing 15th century Ottoman helmets including turbans as "traditional headgear"? Double Check.
(I know Ol' Vlad wore it during battles, but that doesn't mean it's traditional headgear in my country - the Irish Army wore the M18 Stahlhelm during the 30s and you don't go wearing those for St. Patrick's day, do you?)

Romanians being portrayed a Slav people? Can't be sure, but most likely.

At this point I'm expecting the embassy car to be a Gypsy caravan or something.

Ah, and don't get me wrong, I don't actually care one way or the other about the way you want to play your scenario, I'm merely slightly annoyed and thus voicing it out loud in the best traditions of the Internet.

Five minutes on Wikipedia would have gone a long way towards making this look a less cringe worthy for actual Romanians.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks for reading Wingsofwrath. These Romanians will be used for both regualr WWII games and Weird War Two games too, which include werewolves, vampires, ghosts and zombies. That explains the vampires, and if you keep reading the blog, you will see a Russian dragon too.

If you can direct me to Romanian civilians in traditional dress, I would be happy to incorporate them into my collection, but the Lucky Toys figures were the best I could find.