Sunday, August 22, 2010

George Washington Brigade

The next George Washington Brigade soldier is an Imex WWII German in 1/72nd scale plastic. He has had his belt enhanced with an American style entrenching tool. It was taken from an Imex WWII Easy Company paratrooper. The glueable plastic is great for making figure conversions. Just use regular model glue.

This soldier has had an American rifle placed on his leg. He will be the #2 guy for the bazooka man.

This advancing soldier has been given a US Army backpack. I had to trim down his back to make it flatter to fit the pack.

This submachine gun armed soldier has a GI backpack. The German gear had to be cut off to make room for it.

This is a side view of the standing pistol shooter conversion.


Bob G. said...

Which glue is better for these sofeter plastic soldiers?
I know super glue works on darn near anything.
But with such small applications, I'd fear dumping the tube onto my hand.
You use a pinpoint applicator?

Nice figures.

Bunkermeister said...

Valiant and Imex both make figures that glue with regular model glue for styrene plastic model kits. The WWII German and WWII US Easy Company sets from Imex are both glue-able.

I use Bob Jones CA glues, gap filling types for other figure conversions.