Sunday, August 8, 2010

251 Halftracks

One advantage of working part time is that I have more time than usual to put together the backlog of models. These are some Paul Heiser Models 251 halftracks that I put together recently.

They don't come with machine guns, so I had to round some up from the spares box to use for these models. I always keep an eye out for German MGs, knowing that I have a lot of PHM in the collection.

Paul makes several different versions of the halftrack. Note the fenders and the side armored flaps.

I got a couple extra wheels and I like to use them as spare tires. I also added a Roco tarp to the fender.

Six halftracks lined up, a nice platoon of vehicles. Actually they will probably be parcelled out to various units. HO scale 1/87th size vehicles. Resin kits can be very easy to put together. Paul Heiser kits are a good start if you never built resin. The resin is soft and works well with regular model tools. Glue it with super glue or epoxy. Sometimes I start with super glue and then use epoxy for added strength and gap filling.


Bob G. said...

Those halftracks look good. What color scheme will you be using after the primer?

I finally broke down and built a 1/72 Monogram kit I had since the late about procrastination!
(and that was the second kit I made Of that particular model...the first kit was when I was in HIGH SCHOOL!)

I posted several pics today at my blog.

Carry on.

Bunkermeister said...

The halftracks will be farmed out to several units, so I don't know the color schemes yet, but mostly late war I suspect.

Karcuss said...

Does he do Ds as you have good looking A and C models "351" you did a typo.

and you know i love 234s 250s and 251s if they fit 1/76th.

like to see these painted up.

i have a shot of lines of Hts in Budapest 1945 basically surrendered over, So any myths about the numbers.
And shots from stills around operation "Spring Awakening"
they actually were getting on the To&e of the Panzer Divisions, panzer grenadier regiments as production rose dramatically and Pak 40 versions (/22) etc.

cheers Karcuss

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Karcuss!