Monday, March 1, 2010


Modern American Army troops depend on civilians to run many of their bases, both in the USA and overseas. So I have collected large numbers of civilian vehicles to help build and maintain my US Army forces.

If you look in the back, you can see large combine harvester machines. These are from Boley. Often military bases have large tracts of land and sometimes they are leased out and the land is farmed.

Coca-Cola in the Second World War tried to make sure that every US Army soldier could buy a Coca-Cola for 5 cents everywhere in the world. Even today, Coke is available for US Army soldiers all over the world.

My collection includes enough vehicles to populate a small town. Many US military bases have small towns just outside the main gate. US bases also sometimes become small towns with many types of vendors selling their products to servicemen.

Military families have to move a lot, so the presence of a U-Haul truck on a military base can be a very common sight. I check out model railroad shops for many of these items, and my good friend Randy at Fidelis Models carries many Trident and Boley models too.

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