Monday, March 22, 2010

Red Super Stars

Red Air Force aces would often decorate their planes with decorations they received. Special Red Air Force units would often get a Guards designation to show they had extensive experience.

Elite units in my wargame units get a 5% to hit bonus on all firing that they do for each level of eliteness. So a Guards unit would get 5% and an ace in a Guards unit would get an additional 5% for a total of a 10% bonus in his chance to hit a target. This reflects his skill, and experience in combat. Experience will prevent buck fever and make for a calmer pilot, one who knows the advantages of his airplane and the weaknesses of his enemies airplane.

This is a Soviet Naval Air Force aircraft. Note the Naval Ensign on the side of the plane and the different camouflage scheme. They support my Pegasus Black Seas Fleet soldiers.

Only a small part of my Russians planes are unpainted, and it is on my agenda to paint them up this summer. I plan on having my Russian WWII aircraft all done by the end of summer.

An ace with 10 kills gets a 5% to hit bonus. An ace with 20 kills gets a 10% to hit bonus and an ace with a 30 kills gets a 15% to his bonus along with a first shot, first kill bonus. My wargame rules use simultaneous firing and simultaneous hits, but when the shooter has three levels of eliteness over his opponent, then the damage he does takes place before his target.

That means he does not have to take return fire if he kills the target. This reflects his tremendous skill and ability to anticipate the enemy. This is how many major aces were able to amass great numbers of kills, they were so much better than their opponent they usually got the first shot and it was usually fatal to the enemy or at least caused the enemy to run for their lives.


Bob G. said...

You've got some nice IL-2 Stormoviks there.

Now, all 'ya need are a few P-39s (one Russian ace had 22 kills in one) and maybe a B-29 (whose crew was released back to the allies)

Keep 'em flyin!

Bunkermeister said...

Bob G, good suggestions. My Russian air force only contains Russian domestic construction. I do intend to Lend Lease a few C-47's, but only a couple.

I don't do Russian strategic air, just tactical. Allied crew captured in Asia and release a year later in Iran maybe?