Monday, March 15, 2010

Jeeps & Trucks & Priests

This is part of my M-7 Priest battalion. WWII US Army self propelled artillery.

Each Priest has an M-10 ammo trailer to carry ammunition. These are resin Priests that I got years before Roco came out with theirs. These are from Crusader Models.

Each of my battalions has the support vehicles for it, to include supplies and mess facilities.

These Paul Heiser Models Jeeps are the fully enclosed canopy version. It gets cold in Europe in the winter and those in the rear with the gear can use an enclosed canopy. The truck has on of my many palletized cargoes. I have loads of them from Fidelis Models, and a few others. I then supplement them with some I make myself.

US Army Engineers used landing craft to cross rivers. This palletized cargo is landing craft bits. They include a boat hook, a life jacket, rudders, and propellers. Propellers and rudders are easy to get damaged when moving landing craft into unknown waters.


Bob G. said...

My GOD....and I thought I used to have a decent ROCO collection...
And I used to get them when a jeep sold for $.39 cents!

I commend your collecting abilitites.

You've got BATYALIONS...I've still got COMPANIES...LOL!
Very nicely done.

Bunkermeister said...

Thanks Bob G. You do have a decent Roco collection. I have a massive Roco collection.

I have Brigades, that is groups of battalions. ;)