Monday, March 29, 2010

WWII German Soldiers

Caesar and Ykreol both make a WWII German soldier in 1/72nd scale in soft plastic.

They are wearing long coats, helmets and holding a machine pistol.

They are very different in detail. The Ykreol figure has his gas mask in front, that indicates he is probably a motorcycle troop, the side car rider would often wear it in front like that. He is also wearing the type of coat worn by motorcycle troops.

The Ykreol solder is standing at the ready, the Caesar figure more at attention. The Caesar figure is wearing the standard cold weather greatcoat.

Both are good solders, both are in my collection in large numbers, and they demonstrate why we have so many sets of WWII Germans and I feel we still need a few more.


Bob G. said...

I find both of these figures nice, and for different reasons:
I like the Ykreol figure becasue of the "novelty" of him being a cycle-trooper (with goggles it would seem, too), but I prefer the Caesr figure because of what appears to be better detailing overall.

In any event, sure beats the old AIRFIX (gray) german troops.
The Afrika Korps set of soldiers did improve on detailing significantly.

Bunkermeister said...

Yes, the goggles are very cool. I like having a huge selection of figures to select from.

The Airfix German Afrika Korps is 30+ years old and still one of the best sets ever.

Bob G. said...

I agree...sure hard trying to find a PAK anti-tank gun these days, right?


Bunkermeister said...

Can never have too many ATGs!