Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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This blog is written so I can share some of what I have learned in my hobby of playing with plastic army men. It also allows me to show off a bit of my collection, and hopefully entertain you. If you build models, or play miniature wargames, or just collect toy soldiers, I suspect there will be something of interest to you here.

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Bob G. said...

What I'm curious about is why ROCO never made a version fo the M3/M5 Stuart, the M 24 Chaffee, or even the M18 Hellcat?

And I never have found ANY Japanese or British tanks (Crusader, for example) or vehicles from WW2 from them either.

They have the BEST HO scale vehicles (imho) on the market, but as of late, they're not only hard to come find, but getting SO damn expensive.

And I also miss all those great AIRFIX soldiers you used to get 48 pieces of, for like FIFTY CENTS!
Luckily, I still have most all of them.

Man, those were the days, eh?

Bunkermeister said...

Bob G, you are the MAN. Airfix figures for .50 cents a box and each pose listed on the back with a little cellphane window to see them without opening the box.

Roco is an Austrian model railroad company. They make Minitanks for Austrians and Germans to put with their train collections. So most of the vehicles were West German, Austrian, and American. Most of the American vehicles were used by Austria or West Germany.