Sunday, March 7, 2010

German Stugs & Wagons

The gray canister in the back of the green truck is a cement mixer. My Organization Todt troops need cement mixers to build fortresses.

I put a little plastic box inside each storage box. It keeps the spare or damaged parts for the models stored inside the big box.

I have been gradually been buying wagons for the last twenty years. Most German units all during the war were using horse drawn wagons.

The Roco Stug III is a good old model. In WWII they were used as anti-tank guns, self-propelled artillery, and even tanks.

Most of my Stugs are long barrel version, since I do mostly late war. I have some short gun versions, they did soldier on to the end of the war. Some have the side skirts and I will put Thoma skirts on a few, eventually.


Snickering Corpses said...

I have in my WW2 German collection now:

5 Roco StugIII long barrel
2 Roco StugIII short barrel
1 Eko StugIII long barrel
and 1 clone StugIII long barrel, the company that used to use the separate silver plastic tracks.

Gives me a nice little assault gun group. For heavy hitting of the tank destroying variety, I also have 1 Roco Elephant and 1 Boley Jagdpanther.

Bunkermeister said...

Nice assault group. I liked those Stug IIIs with the silver tracks, those are rare, you are lucky to have them.

Snickering Corpses said...

From the silver track set, I have one intact Panther, and one Panther and one Tiger II with the tracks broken.

The Stug is a nice little model, but the Tiger II suffers from having the turret set way too far back, and the broken Panther's running gear were attached at the wrong place. I don't know if this was user error or design error though. I received them in a set from someone else.

Bunkermeister said...

I had a couple of those and I used the tracks to put "extra" tracks on my Roco vehicles. Since the vehicles would not glue to tracks, I pinned the tracks to the vehicles. My Roco Panzer III look much more late war with the extra tracks.