Sunday, February 28, 2010


Redbox are making a new set of Boxer figures for the Boxer Rebellion. They have a line on the box that thanks Arlin Tawzer. Most of you never heard of him, but he is a GIANT in the hobby. He has a huge collection and is very influential in the Army Men business.

I will love getting these new Redbox figures. They will serve alongside the Orion Boxers and a few other Chinese figures that I have already. The Boxers will serve not only as Boxers against my American Army but will also serve as Chinese irregulars alongside my Caesar Chinese WWII Army against my various Japanese figures.

The other news is that Redbox are making Gangster figures. These are perfect for playing Cops & Robbers wargames. I have always wanted Gangsters. They will also work for various armed conflicts. Most people don't realize that in the 1920's and 1930's there were several armed conflicts that could have flared almost to the level of civil war. Miners, unions, racial groups, Communists, big business all fielded large numbers of men to fight each other. These guys will be perfect for that.


Karcuss said...

Come on where is your advance set?!

the gangsters sound good.
But always want to expand my 28MM collection anyways, and that is 1930s till near future figures.
So do the Gangster - King Kong, Sci fi 50s and 70-80s crime thing with like PULP figures, So can throw in civilians, Police, Military, Dr.Who type stuff and WW2 figures on a skirish type setting. So even late Victorian HG Wells type thing Sherlock Holmes, War of the worlds, Jack the Ripper
and there are good sets of Metal (expensive) Near future type Crims and Riot Police, Mercenaries etc.
Just Makes use of everything after 1900 even romans and Zulus etc

An Idea which is actully becoming a reality, as there is the Alternate WW2 stuff coming out


Keep up the good work

Karcuss said...


Is there a site for Arlin Tawzer
seems we owe him thanks, as we already must give him our money along the line. Ha Ha


And the 1920s thing you've commented on is also part of what i'd like to do. have a bank of figures to do

A Public Enemies thing. Or a Mexican incursion with Mercs and a U-boat crew thing. South Dakota and North Dakota civil war Ha Ha