Sunday, March 21, 2010

Camo Red Airplanes

Like the real Red Air Force, I have a massive collection of World War Two Soviet aircraft. Here are some photos of a few of them.

Russian aircraft were much like Russian ground equipment, not the best, but usually reliable, durable and adequate. Over the course of the war they got better, and so did their pilots. Still, on the Eastern Front, even with overwhelming numerical superiority, the Red Air Force did not establish air supremacy like the US and British did in the West.

Most of my Russian aircraft are actually painted in authentic paint schemes and decalled. I have organized them using different colored spinners. The pointy part of the nose, in front of the propeller. It is red on some, yellow or white or blue on others. My planes are organized in four plane elements for the most part, four of the same type, in similar markings and paint jobs.

There are fighters, bombers, liaison aircraft, reconnaissance planes and even some from the Soviet Red Navy.

Naturally, no Red Air Force is complete without ground attack planes, as shown here. The little circle on the top of the canopy is where they attach to my aircraft suspension system. It looks a little like a radio direction finder antenna.

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