Friday, March 26, 2010

Red Tow Trucks

An overhead view of the T-34 armored recovery vehicles. Take a Roco T-34 tank, remove the turret and you are almost done. Then plate over the top with a bit of sheet plastic. I added various tools, wire reels, gas cans, and such to the top and sides of the tank hulls. I also built a small box on the front or the rear of the T-34's.

An array of extra gear is stowed on the ARV's. Bicycles, spare tires, tank road wheels. I took an old T-34 with some mis-molded wheels and cut the track part off. That gave me some extra road wheels. Never throw spare parts away, there is always a use for them. The Mir T-34/85 tanks are air brush painted in a two tone light and dark olive drab scheme.

Model train shops are great sources of cool bits. I got some diamond plate and glued it to the back of the ARV's.

Poor photo, but it shows a tarp rolled up and glued to the side of one of the ARV's. The tarp is a tissue that has been soaked in Superglue. Then ends were then tied with thread.

Each tank company has a different combination of markings. Overall dark olive with red numbers over white rectangle and red star. The other company is light and dark olive sprayed on with airbrush.

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