Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Red Iron

Here you can see one of my Russian quad AA machine gun mounts. Actually, my only one so far.

My towed Russian artillery is mounted on Evergreen Plastic sheets. Each gun on it's own little bit of plastic. It helps keep the rather fragile lead guns together.

If you look closely at this photo and the previous one, you can see both Airfix Russians, Esci hard plastic Russians, and Tomy Russian all impressed into the artillery branch. The hard plastic figures are nice because it is easy to glue range finders, and artillery shells on them.

Russian T-34/85 tanks, the near ones from Roco the others from Mir. Both are nice plastic models, durable, easy to build.

These are my T-34 armored recovery vehicles. Each one has a small box at the end. The tools, and boxes inside are removable and can be set up as repair depots and supply dumps.

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