Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hot Wheels Truck

This is a Hot Wheels truck. It started life as an army deuce and a half.

Hot Wheels made it in army green, then army tan.

At some point they made it into a delivery truck too. I have seen at least one other version in a different color, I think it was some kind of snow or winter related truck.

Other than the color and markings it is exactly the same truck as they always did.

It fits well in size and design with the Roco 2 1/2 ton Army truck. So I have a bunch of them. It pays to keep your eyes open when visiting the toy department of you local store, sometimes you find something very interesting. A quick re-paint and this old war horse could be carrying soldiers off to the front again.


Snickering Corpses said...

I've got one of those in the Luis' Ranch Markets livery, which looks like that's the same one you show there. Also one in army green and one in army tan. They are indeed a nice fit with the Rocos, as I have 3 Roco and 3 clone trucks to go with them.

The snow or winter one was probably from the "Snow Patrol" line, white with blue markings. I've got a pair of the Hot Wheels halftracks in that scheme.

For those in the modern era (or who don't mind mixing out of period trucks) I also have a nice fleet of 20 Maisto M-923 A1 Bigfoot trucks. They are just slightly thinner and shorter in height than the Hot Wheels ones.

Do you use any of the diecast halftracks? I've got 3 Johnny Lightning, 4 Zylmex, and 9 Hot Wheels ones.

Bunkermeister said...

Hi Snickering,

Yes, the Snow Patrol sounds familiar, that's probably it.

As for halftracks, I don't use the die cast, but some of them are very nice. I use the Roco, I have about a zillion of them. I do use the twin AA machine guns on the back of the Hot Wheels halftrack on the Roco as an alternative to the quad .50.