Saturday, March 13, 2010


As part of my effort to keep the troops supplied I have lots of box cars in my collection. While I primarily collect Southern Pacific, I also have some others as well.

It used to be very popular for individual companies to purchase or lease their on box cars to ship their products to market in and they painted their logos on those pieces of rolling stock. Here Maine Potatoes are being shipped. Many a soldier had to peel many a Maine potato in WWII on KP duty.

Many of our most famous meat packing companies have been operating out of Chicago for over a century. The cowboys took cattle to the railhead and they were trained to Chicago where they were butchered and set to the folks back East in iced cars. They would insulate a special box car and then pack ice in from the top to keep the meat fresh.

In the Second World War there was meat rationing and so much of the meat went to the boys in the service. Sometimes fresh, sometimes frozen and often packed in little bitty tin cans.

Who does not like bacon! MMMM. I had some today even with my breakfast. Of course, it's not the same when it is served with powdered eggs and there is some guy shooting at you, but still, it's bacon!

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