Tuesday, March 30, 2010

60mm Weapons Testing

While the rest of the Atomic Testing Base is working on atomic war, the Air Force is testing the use of regular bombs in large numbers.

The B-47 bomber is designed for atomic war, but it can drop regular bombs too.

This test area was hit by a several dozen large size bombs and these Air Force men are here to survey the damage. Pilots visit the scene to learn first hand the nature of the destruction their weapons can create.

The radar trailer told them of the approach of the bomber and the exit of the target area. The bomber can attack from such a tremendous altitude that you can't even see them from the ground.

Air Police will guard the perimeter while the testing site is evaluated. You never know where the Reds will be out trying to spy on American weapons test.


Bob G. said...

'ya make me feel like a darn KID again...
Those were the days when an "army" could be bought for UNDER A BUCK, eh?

Bunkermeister said...

Go to the dime store and buy individual figures for a nickel on an errand for Mom.

For fifty cents you could get a Jeep and cannon or a tank and a few troops.

Good times.

pylgrym said...

Cool thing about TIM MEE Air Corps figs is that they can be used as ALIENS as well! Just spray grey!