Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tanker Trucks

Modern armies run on oil. Gasoline and diesel for the tanks and trucks. Bunker oil and JP-4 for the ships and planes.

Much of that oil is carried around in tanker trucks, at least as fuel.

I got these Boley trucks at Arnies Trains. They are typical of trucks used to carry gasoline all around the US.

My fleet of Roco Minitanks can be assured of a steady stream of POL with these tankers on the job!

Petroleum depots, and oil refineries are great places to have wargames, they are critical nodes in a nations infrastructure. In WWII bombing the German oil fields was a critical part of our strategy to win the war. Trucks like these are important today to distribute the oil to gasoline stations. Part of my oil infrastructure and civilian economy.

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