Sunday, March 28, 2010


Unpainted resin Paul Heiser Models JS-II Soviet Heavy Tanks from World War Two.

I got a few metal machine guns to dress up some of them. The PHM model does not come with the MG and they do look okay without it.

The JS-II was a new tank late in World War Two so I have not added much extra gear on them. Many were not in service very long, because with the heavy fighting they were knocked out rather quickly. Panzerfausts destroyed large numbers of these in Berlin.
If you have never built a resin kit before, Paul Heiser Models offers a large number of generally easy vehicles to build. Resin kits can be difficult but the PHM ones are often very few parts and they go together easily. I used two part epoxy glue on the larger parts and superglue on the tiny bits. Two part epoxy is very easy to use too. Simply squeeze out two equal amounts, mix with a toothpick and then apply like any other glue. I use the five minute working time epoxy so it dries quickly.

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