Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mike's Workbench, Just Like Santa, but More Military

Some bits and pieces of stuff on the work bench. British Commandos who will probably end up as German sailors. A few head swaps, a nip here and tuck there and it's done.

The with rectangles are mostly cargo loads for Opel Blitz trucks. They include fuel tanks and supplies and tools, all for my NSKK units. Some Airfix Luftwaffe figures, mildly converted to both KM and NSFK figures.

Roco Minitanks Kubelwagens. I am going through a supply battalion and trying to tidy things up a bit. Trimming flash, repairing broken vehicles, and such. Note the VW with no windshield, and Maxim machine gun mounted on the back of one of the others. Both these problems have now been fixed.

Some NSKK AA gun crews look on while I glue a Roco crane together. I am using this US Cold War crane for a WWII German one with a little modification.

Tools of the trade. Sanding stick, knife with snap blade so is is always super sharp, pin vise with bit for drilling tiny holes, great for antennas, and wheel holes for the axle, tweezers for tweezing stuff, make up brush so I not only look good for photos, but I dust the vehicles with it before painting. Long term storage sometimes gets dusty. Wire cutters for cutting wire, hence the name wire cutters. A little flat nosed pliers for holding small items, sort of like tweezers but with a wider gripping area for a stronger hold. All displayed on a cutting mat to keep the work surface free of cuts. The lines are also helpful for making short cuts in plastic and eyeballing the size of the sheet.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I was intrigued to see some partly painted Baseball figures

Could you tell me where they came from?


Mike Bunkermeister Creek said...

Caesar Miniatures did a limited edition of sports figures for the recent Olympics held in China. They included baseball, soccor, and runner figures.

I will run a special series on them later this year.