Sunday, December 6, 2009


In WWII the canals of Western Europe and particularly German were very important. With American and British fighting roving the skies, it because difficult for trains and truck convoys to move around due to destroyed rails and bridges. One way to avoid that was to use barges. Transportflotte Speer wore generally naval uniforms and ran barge transports.

I took the parade rest pose of the Revell KM figures, grafted on the arms of the Airfix WWI British flag signaller pose and the head with watch cap from an Airfix and Matchbox British Commando figure to make this Trnasportflotte Speer figure.

This pair just has the new arms, no new head. The mixture of uniform headwear reflects the more casual nature of these small crews.

Two sets of these figures to allow a few boats to signal each other.

All figures new parts are pinned using this type of guitar string. I put a paperclip into the end of the wire to make the wire easier to control. The extra weight prevents the wire from falling off the worktable or flipping around when I am cutting it to length.

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