Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Shermans

An HO scale, 1/87 Sherman tank turret from Paul Heiser Models. this is the mid-production 75mm gun version. It has the oblong loaders hatch opening.

This is the T-23 turret with loaders oblong hatch. The indent shows where the hatch goes, it lays flat on the roof to avoid a shot trap. Paul has made these masters using resin copies of his own models, bits of plastic from his own kits and masters he has carved.

Here are all three of the new Paul Heiser Sherman turrets. The one on the left is the early production T-23 turret. It had a large loader hatch that was round. They actually used the old split hatch commanders cupola and then replaced the commanders cupola with a new cupola with vision blocks all the way around. These two cupola were the same size and were interchangeable. I have been looking for a photo that would show a tank with two of the same kinds of cupola. It is mechanically possible, but as far as I know was not an "authorized" version of the Sherman.
Photos were taken by me at Paul Heisers World Headquarters and Factory in Lakewood, CA. Models should be available from Fidelis Models as soon as January, 2010.

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