Tuesday, December 15, 2009

British WWII HaT

In the movie A Bridge Too Far the British troops use a flamethrower to attack a German bunker. Now thanks to HaT we finally have a British soldier with a proper British flamethrower.

Rather than the two big and one small cylinders familiar to American flamethrower fans, the British one is this round apparatus shown here.

This Bren gun is so well done you can see the space between the barrel and the bipod.

The machine gunner without his machine gun. Good figure, he even stands up without the gun and without a base. That is evidence of good design and good sculpting.

The HaT machine gun with water can. A great little model. This works from WWI to about 1970. A great model.


S said...

Oh dear, more errors! 1)if the Bren gunner is holding the bipod, where is the gas cylinder?, also, there is an odd ridge where the muzzle flare begins. That just shouldn't be there at all.
Having carried on on active service I should know!

2) You don't fire a Vickers like that; plenty of photos around showing the gunner is seated, with the assistant semi prone, his legs behind and supporting the gunner's back. I pointed this out to Hat on their forum when the posted pictures of the masters, but they chose to ignore the evidence and just produce more 'army men' instead of an accurate model

Bunkermeister said...

Hello S, If it gets you to comment more, I may toss in some errors on purpose! Thanks for keeping our readers better informed.

Jim. said...

The Vickers ia a fun shoot. I got to blast off 60 rounds on a range in Nevada. And I was seated behind th gun.

Bunkermeister said...

I have never fired a Vickers, but I am sure it would be a fun machine gun to shoot. I know the Grease Gun and the Thompson are pretty amusing.

The Young Oligarch said...

S is right about the normal firing position when operating a Vickers' machine gun .
There is a passable figure of such a seated firing position in the Matchbox Anzac Infantry set , I seem to recall .
A look at Google images , however , seems to suggest that other firing positions were adopted .
This one seems to be quite like the figure in the Hat set .

Bunkermeister said...

Airfix is doing their first new set of 1/72nd scale soft plastic figures in decades. They will be British Infantry. It will be interesting to see what they will contain.