Sunday, December 13, 2009


The British Machine Gun set from HaT in soft plastic in 1/72nd scale. Prone Bren gunner.

Prone Bren gunner behind an Imex log.

Boys anti-tank rifle. The Boys was a large .55 caliber rifle to poke holes in light armor. in the 1930's in was intended for use against tanks. By late war, it was still useful against armored cars, and halftracks.

This is a long overdue weapon. Despite all the British Infantry sets we have had over the last 50 years we never got this weapon in plastic. The US Army Rangers also had these on their TO&E but I doubt they were ever used in combat.

This is the second Bren gunner in the set. The British had one Bren gunner per squad, or section as the British would say. This is a great set and the perfect complement to their Mortar Set and would work well with the Italeri and Revell WWII British Infantry.

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