Tuesday, December 1, 2009

German Visitor

I got this in an email from a Bunker Talk fan from Germany. Good to see folks are reading all this stuff! Thanks Michael for your email and drawing!

Dear Mike,
My name is Michael and I am from Germany. I am reading your blog for some months and I like it very much. Especially your Berlin scenario and your own wargame rules are very good (I'm an absolutely newbie in wargaming). I bought some Armourfast tanks but I did not like the tracks of it. Some days ago I made a try to make them look better. All I needed was an 1 Millimeter drill which I used to open the suggested holes on the road wheels. It looks very well and is easily done and works on all tanks based on the Panzer 3 (Armourfast # 99003, 99016, 99018, 99023) I do not have any blog or homepage, so I send this tip to one of my favorite blogs, this is yours. I added an sketch which I made, because my cameras makro is not good enough to take a good pic of it. I hope you will understand all of this because my English is not perfect. Please give me a fast reply, if you liked this.
Best regards from Germany.


Nuno M. Cabeçadas said...

Hi Mike
Hope everything is fine with you and your familly.
To improve the Armourfast PzKfw III or other vehicles with the same chassis, I add a inner wheel using glued cardboard:

Bunkermeister said...

Hi Nuno! Good to hear from a Master Modeller like yourself! Thanks for the tip.

Captain said...

Hi Mike,
i staeted my own blog where you can find some more pictures of this modification.

You can find it here:


Bunkermeister said...

That's great!