Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherman Tracks

Paul Heiser Models plastic track in HO scale and new Paul Heiser Sherman track for the extended version.

Some versions of the Sherman were longer than the standard M4A3 and needed a longer track length.

Paul also makes a duck bill track. These tracks were extra wide. As the Sherman got heavier, they needed a wider track to make a lower ground pressure. They put these extenders on the tracks on many of the Shermans in Europe in late WWII.

Paul also makes the early style Sherman track, the same as used on the Lee / Grant series of tanks.

These chevron tracks have the duck bill end connectors. Compare the width with the standard block track. These should be out in the next couple months.


TDC, said...

Wow, awesome would they fit an airfix shermantank?

I hate their tracks!


Bunkermeister said...

Airfix is 1/76th scale, Paul Heiser are 1/87th scale. However, the tracks for the lengthened versions might fit. Send a message to Paul Heiser models or Fidelis Models and ask about getting a pair of the longer tracks. Paul has been known to sell components.